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Jess Joy is a Canadian writer-director interested in telling female driven stories particularly within the genre landscape.


Her recent short film ‘Lunachicks,’ a dark comedy about a serial-killers daughter, played several festivals throughout the USA and Canada and was frequently praised for its originality.


In addition to writing and directing, Jess has worked in many capacities on set doing everything from gripping on union shows to co-producing indie shorts. She’s also passionate about cinematography and enjoys using analog film.


Currently Jess has several screenplays in progress including a horror-comedy short, a feature version of ‘Lunachicks,’ and a Sci-Fi TV pilot set in Victorian England. She hopes one day to become a showrunner, but could be just as happy making feature films.  She holds a BFA in film production and creative writing from York University, and is a member of WIFT Toronto and the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers.


When not cursing her laptop or working on set, you'll probably find Jess in a dive bar photographing local bands, or over-planning her next solo adventure which may include hiking mountains without bear spray. She has an unhealthy love of rock and roll music and is known among family and friends for her exuberant and terrible dancing. And, to top off all the red flags, Jess also loves horses and spends the rest of her time caring for her precious rescued horse, Prince.    

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