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A New Years conversation

With my Left and Right Brain.



-Hey. Hey, shut up! Bloody hell! It's January 2nd already! How did this happen? Your life is draining away-

-Calm down. It's still early. We can turn this around.

Quick Quick write a list!

A list?

Yes, it's January. You're supposed to write down resolutions.

I thought we decided resolutions are disappointing and ineffective.

We still need a plan.

A plan for what?

Life, you imbecile!

Right, right. So what's the plan?

May I introduce to you-

The one and only Billy Shears

STOP IT! Focus.

Right, right. The plan.

S-M-A-R-T goals

L is for the way you look/ at me. O is for-

-STOP! I said SMART. Nat King Cole's great though.

He is, isn't he?

Let's try this again. S- Specific. What do you want to do with 2023?

Good heavens is it 2023 already!?

IDIOT! You want to make another short film, right?

Oh yes, yes should probably do that.

-Right, so that's measurable enough. But is it achievable?


What do you need to do to make it likely?


It's always about the money. What else.

The script, we have to workshop the script.

Wouldn't it make more sense to work on your feature script?

I'll have you know that I can do both.

Doubtful. But I suppose they're both relevant enough. Where are you going!

To work on the scripts.

Silenco! Just one more step. We must bound this to time. When will you make this short film?

You're the brains of the project, you tell me.

Fine. You need money and you need time to finish the script. It's set at Halloween so why not shoot for early November?

Woohoo we're making a movie!

Wait! You've got to establish the smaller steps to get there.

But it was too late. The right brain had already drifted off into the land of fictional storytelling.


Well, dear internet void, I hope you enjoyed this fictionalized version of events in the daily life of Jess' brain. Stay tuned for more exciting things to come! Oh, and Happy New Year!



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