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Welcome to my nightmare

Updated: Jan 5, 2023


Alright. Wee bit off to quote Alice Cooper's debut on my blog debut? And if you didn't catch that reference, well then, I don't know what to say to you.

So it's the final day of 2022. December 31st. You can just call me a legend for starting this blog today instead of waiting until tomorrow to do it. Actually I think I'm shouting into the void and I'm very likely going to give this up in the not to distant future. But for now, here I go, starting a blog, revealing the disturbing inner workings of my mind through words on a white screen. You're welcome internet bot trolling this page right now. If you are a human reading this someday, I apologize in advance.

doofenshmirtz evil incorporated

my evil plans

As you may have guessed by now, like the true pop cultured millennial that I am, I have a penchant for using GIFS. Actually, I'm not very cultured at all and more of an old soul than a millennial. I mean, I barely use YouTube for goodness sake! Anyways, I'm getting off topic...

Since it's almost New Years and I'm a big fan of making lists about goals I can't achieve, let me tell you my plans for this blog!

On this nightmare train (my blog) you may find these wonderful delights:

  • Rambles about movies I watch

  • Short Stories I vomit up once in awhile

  • Adventures as a Solo Female Traveler

  • dastardly improper use of comma's

  • and whatever else I feel like.

If you're reading this, thank you for joining me! I think you're going to feel that you belong. Sorry, I'm quoting Cooper again. Sometimes I think it would be a fun experiment to try and speak one day using only song lyrics. Can't be today though as I woke up with no voice. I mean I literally can barely speak. Doesn't stop me from blabbing away on here though!

Right, well I'm off to go celebrate another year of my life draining away. Tally ho internet bots!



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